Embroidered Pillow Shams
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 boudoir pillow shams
As lovely as can be, this antique pair of boudoir pillow shams in eggshell white "fil de lin" is of a rare quality. Made of the finest, silk-like linen each is bordered by an embroidered ruffle edged with Valenciennes lace.
sham with a fancy monogram
This sham has a fancy monogram "LT" embroidered on an angle in one corner in bourdon. Each extremity is adorned with a lovely ruffle, comprised of a band of latticed bobbin lace and a three inch scalloped and ruffled band adorned with embroidered flowers.
"His and hers" pillow shams . These very pretty shams have a large central monogram "MV" exquisitely embroidered in an important relief of bourdon and accented by tiny sprigs with leaves and berries.
 double row of crossed drawn thread embroidery
Sham decorated around the edges with a double row of delicate and fancy crossed drawn thread embroidery and bordered with a delightful bobbled and scalloped handmade white bobbin lace.
linen pillow shams monogrammed
Silken, pure white linen pillow shams monogrammed "GR" in a perfectly executed bourdon embroidery in one corner.
pair of pillow shams
This pair of pillow shams is loomed of a pure white and silky "fil de lin" linen. Three inch wide scalloped border.
shams monogrammed
Theses shams are each monogrammed "SP" in one corner in an important relief of bourdon, plumetis, and post point. All four corners are decorated with lush sprays of embroidered flowers, executed with a rare finesse and a spectacular beauty in bourdon, post and tige point.
antique pillow sham monogrammed JG
This stunning sham exhibits a large spray of wildflowers and ears of wheat embroidered with masterful finesse in bourdon and tige point.
beautiful antique pillow sham
A beautiful antique pillow sham monogrammed "JG" with a feast of lush embroidery! An elaborately scalloped border, embroidered in unusual relief, picks up the flower motif with a tiny spray of lilies-of-the-valley embroidered in each individual scallop.