Masterworks Linen Sheets
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Monogrammed Linen Sheet 19th C.

monogrammed linen sheet MP

This antique marriage sheet is in a very fine but sturdy white linen. The large central embroidered monogram PH in plumetis and postpoint is interlaced, the initials symbolizing the union of the bride and groom. Each of these marriage sheets was the "chef d'oeuvre" of the attendant bride and not uncommonly took years to complete. A masterful plumetis and English style cutwork embroidery decorate the 36 in. return with sprays and garlands of flowers and a prominent, lacey crossed thread row of embroidery runs the length and width of the return border. Very likely this sheet was created to drape over the bed and fall to the floor (as opposed to being tucked under a mattress), exposing for all to admire its luxuriant hand work. Late 19th, early 20th c.

Hand Loomed in the true 19th c. tradition

masterworks monogrammed  linen sheet

This ecru linen sheet was loomed in the true 19th c. tradition on smaller looms, evidenced by its serged central seam. It was necessary to join the two pieces in the center to create a width large enough to accomodate a bed. The quality of the linen, buttery soft yet tightly woven and strong, is incomparable to anything one can find today. Its age is more than 100 years and can easily last for the next century. The embroidery is ample and elaborate with a very large central monogram RL in postpoint and plumetis accented with a delightful spray of flowers. A fancy one inch crossed thread row of embroidery runs the length of the border.