Lace Dictionary
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From Caen Lace To Ceylon Lace

CAEN. Blonde and black silk lace made in the city of Caen in Normandy (France).

CALABRIA. A knotted lace now made in Calabria. Used for trimming underdresses and ornamental household linens.

CALAIS. French manufacturing center famous for very fine laces made on the Nottingham go-through machine, black or white.

CALVADOS (France). Early Alencons were made here and also Campagne lace.

CAMPAGNE LACE. A bobbin-lace edging, very narrow, sort of picot lace, sometimes made of gold and colored silk. CANDIA. Called in ancient times Idoea, afterwards Crete, one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean. See Crete. CANNETILLE. Bullion lace.

CARNASSIERE, FIL DE. Italian knotted lace.

CARNAVAL. Reticella lace showing crests and armorial bearings, especially worn by the nobility, is called Carnaval lace. When used for trousseaux it is called bridal lace.

Carrickmacross Guipure CARRICKMACROSS. Carrickmacross lace, like all Irish lace, was a copy of the lace of other countries. There were two kinds, applique and guipure. The applique is worked upon a machine-made net. The guipure is more of an embroidery than a lace, made with fine mull or lawn, in which the design is traced. The thread is then run around the out-lines of the design; • the centers are cut away, buttonholed and filled with open stitches.

CARTASANE. A parchment or velum cord covered with silk or gold or silver thread. Used to form a pattern.

CASCADE. Trimming term. Material folded in zigzag form.

CATALONIA (Spain). Famous for its black and blonde silk laces. To-day the term Catalonia applies to laces of a fine Cluny character. CATERPILLAR LACE. Lace made by employing the natural web of the caterpillar, a freak lace only occasionally made by experimentalists; sometimes the spider is employed in like manner.

CAUTERIZED. See Burnt Lace.

CEVENNES. White silk for the silk laces made at Bayeux, Caen and Chantilly, at one time came from Cevennes, hence the term Cevennes lace.

CEYLON. Maltese laces were made here.

CHANSONS A TOILE. Ballads sung by lace-makers at work.