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From Fausse Lace To Fillings

FAUSSE. The term Batarde, or Fausse, applied to Valenciennes, distinguished it from true Valenciennes, or Vrai Valenciennes made in the City of Valenciennes.

FAYAL. An aloe fiber lace made by the women of Fayal in the Azores.

FIBER LACE. Laces made of unusual, fiber. That of the aloe plant or the banana is sometimes called Fiber lace, Aloe lace, or Banana lace.

FIFTEENTH CENTURY. In 1476 a law was passed in Italy forbidding the use of fine needle-point lace or lace made with gold or silver threads. In 1493 a division was made of the property of Angela and Heppolita Sforza, Viconti of Milan, and among the personal property is mentioned Reticella, Bone (bobbin) lace and fine cut-work. M. de Barante, the historian, writes that Charles the Bold in 1476 "lost all of his laces" in one of the battles in which he was engaged. It is probable that the majority of these laces were gold and silver. Frequent references to lace trimmings are made in old Fifteenth Century documents of Italy, and undoubtedly Reticellas or Greek Point laces, the beginning of needle-point lace, were made in the latter quarter of this century.

FIL. BLONDE DE FIL. Literally blonde thread. See Mignonette.

FIL DE CARNASIERE. Italian knotted lace.

FIL DE CREN. A heavy outline or cordonnet.

FIL DE TIRE. A lace whose pattern is composed both of drawn-work and filling-in by the insertion of other threads.

FIL DE TRACE. Name by which the outlines of needle-made lace are distinguished.

FILATORIUM:, OPUS FILATORIUM. Ancient name for darned work.

FILET. The term filet is used in many ways. Filet Brode is practically Filet Conte, a darned or embroidered net of countable threads and stitching as distinguished from the spider-work form of irregular darning. In Italy darned laces are called Opus Filatorium. The spider-work, which is irregular, is already described under the head of Araneum (Opus Araneum) sometimes called Ouvrages Masches. Today the same thing is called antique lace. See Araneum.

FILET BRODE A REPRISES. Fr. Modern darned netting

FILET GUIPURE. See Darned Netting.

FILLINGS. Fancy stitches employed to fill in open spaces. Same as Modes or Jours.