Italian Fabrics
16th - 18th C.


Italian velvet, 16th c
Cut velvet, Italy, 16th c, silk, satin ground.
silk velvet italy circa 1500
Silk Velvet, Venice circa 1500
silk velvet italy 16th c.
Cut Velvet, bobbin lace, Italy, end 16th c.
Venitian velvet 1660
Venitian Velvet, circa 1660
Bizarre silk 18th c.
lampas, bizarre silk, Italy 18th c.
Lampass Italy 18th c.
Lampas; Italy 18th c, Musée des Tissus, Lyon
Velvet Italy 17th c.
Velvet, Italy 17th c., silk & metal thread, satin background
silk brocade pannel Italy 17th c.
Brocatelle pannel, silk, Italy 17th c. Brocatelle is a brocade with a higher relief or repousse effect.
French Alsace printed indienne, early 19th c
Naturalist Brocade ( heavy silk with elaborate pattern in silver and gold threads) Venice circa 1735
Italian velvet silk circa 1625
Silk Velvet, Italy, Florence, circa 1625