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Indiennes & Chintz

Indienne ,is the French interpretations of Indian hand-painted cottons ?introduced to Europe by East India companies in 17th C. The original Indian techniques for textile printing involved long and complicated processes necessitating the use of mordants or metallic salts to fix the dyes. The beautiful, vibrant, colors came from the garance plant for red, indigo for blue, and gaude for yellow.Indiennes were extremely popular, and attempts at import substitution were soon made.

Indienne fabric 18th c.
Typical cotton indienne , 18th century
cotton indiennen india 18th c.
Indienne printed cotton fabric,18th century. Peacock is a symbol of prosperity. Fruits, flowers, birds are common motifs.
printed fabric india palempore 18th c
Big life tree. Printed fabric, Palempore, India, 18th c. Hand painted with natural dye
hand painted fabric, india 17th c.
printed indienne 18th C.
printed cotton fabric india 18th c.
Palampore chintz, South East India, 1720. Palampore come from the Persian palangposh or bedcover.
french indienne 19th C.
French Alsace printed indienne, early 19th c
modern indienne printed fabric 20th c.